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You can download Mechwarrior: Living Legends here.

Unofficial MWLL+Crysis Wars combined installer

If you don't already have Crysis Wars, the easiest way is to download the unofficial combined installer for both Crysis Wars and MWLL.

Unofficial MWLL 0.7.1 installer

If you already have Crysis Wars, you should use the unofficial MWLL 0.7.1 installer. Your copy of Crysis Wars needs to be patched to version 1.5.

Official MWLL installer

As an alternative to the 0.7.1 installer, you can use the Official MWLL installer. It will take a longer time to download and install but it may work in some cases when other installers don't. You need Crysis Wars patched to version 1.5 before running the Official installer.

Manual install

If everything above fails.

First, you need Crysis Wars patched up to version 1.5

Download MWLL-CrysisWars-OpenBeta-Full-0.6.0.exe and let it install the game for you. Hopefully that's all you need to do. If you get an error, read on.

Download,, and Run MWLL-CrysisWars-OpenBeta-Full-0.6.0.exe. Once you get to the MWLL updater, set its Updates directory to the directory where you downloaded the four .zip files. You should also check 'Preserve downloaded files' just in case anything goes wrong.

If you get an error, install the game manually, per the following guide, originally posted by Bruno_007.

  1. Go to your Crysis Wars root folder (Ex., ..\Electronic Arts\Crytek\Crysis Wars, where the Bin32 and Game folders are);
  2. Create a folder there called Mods if you don't have it, and inside another called mwll;
  3. Extract the contents of to the mwll folder;
  4. Do the same for, overwritting any files it asks;
  5. Do the same for, overwritting any files it asks;
  6. Launch the game through the MWLL.Launcher.exe executable.

If it still doesn't run, install the vcredist packages from bin32 or bin64, depending on your architecture, located in the mwll folder.

If that fails as well, try this install guide or ask on the forums.

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